Kyle und Max sind zwei BMX Extremfahrer und wittern die Chance auf das ganz große Geld. Sie machen bei einem dubiosen Wettrennen mit. Nur der Gewinner hat die Chance auf 250.000 Dollar. Doch der Wettbewerb ist viel gefährlicher und tödlicher als gedacht und niemand kann ihnen helfen. Gefangen in einem rätselhaften Spiel müssen sie an ihre Grenzen gehen und mitspielen um zu überleben.

Kyle and Max are two extreme sports athletes: riders in search of money and continuous challenge. When they are offered two slots in a mysterious downhill contest arranged by an unknown organization called BLACK BABYLON, they can’t turn down the $ 250,000 prize. But the “contest” will soon turn out to be much darker and deadlier than expected. An enigmatic game somewhere in between an evil reality show and a frightening ritual, which will push them far beyond their extreme limits…

"A modern object of the cinematic art that is hardly definable, courageous, dynamic and avant-garde." – Cinematik

"Ride appears as a long and grueling race paved with mysteries and dangers but supported by an engaging and frenetic pace. Electrifying in many sequences and supported by progressive techno music, … it is a film that "goes fast" and is a candidate to become one of the most daring products of recent years." – Cineavatar

BIFFF 2019

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