In einer ehemaligen Energy Drink Fabrik steigt ein großer Rave. Ein paar Dosen sind zufällig noch übrig und finden großen Anklang bei den Ravern. Was sie nicht wissen, bei der Produktion ist was schief gelaufen und unsere Raver verwandeln sich in blutrünstige Raver Zombies. Die Chance für Journalistin Becky eine tolle Story zu schreiben, leider hat sie Germaphobie, aber da muss sie jetzt durch. Was sie im Gesicht trägt, während sie den Club betritt, ist uns mittlerweile allen sehr bekannt.

„Ravers is a film made for fans of genre cinema. It’s a proper horror comedy film that has been made for the audience to have fun. The effects-work on our deranged ravers involves red sore eyes in the beginning, which ramps up to until the eyes are literally popping out of the skull. It’ll take a strong stomach (and not someone with an aversion to eye things like this writer) to sit through these as they are pretty grim.“ - The Hollywood News


„Ravers plays like the comedy B-side of Gaspar Noé’s Climax (2018). For both are films in which a chemical pollutant strips dancing characters of their inhibitions and reduces them to their basic drives and desires. Pucher’s film is funny, exaggerating, perhaps only slightly, the sorts of behaviours seen on any city street towards the end of a long night’s indulgence, while gradually building towards an outpouring of enough blood, filth and gore to provide Becky with all the exposure therapy that she could possibly need. It is as though the spirit of J. Michael Muro’s Street Trash (1987) and Philip Brophy’s Body Melt (1993) hit the dance floor with a neurotic neatnik – and the ensuing mix, though messy, guarantees a night of fun that will be mostly forgotten by the following morning.“ - Projected Figures

Frightfest 2018