Eine problembehaftete weibliche Rockband startet eine neue Tour in der Hoffnung ihre Popularität wieder zu erlangen. Die Dinge fangen jedoch schlecht an, als sie bei ihrem ersten Auftritt eine verlassene Stadt vorfinden. Allmählich erkennen sie jedoch, dass es ihr geringstes Problem ist von ihren Fans vergessen zu werden...

„Pussycake is pure, uncut Midnighter fodder. It is absolutely frantic, manic, nonsensical and off the wall. Its happy place would be to screen in front of a wired up midnighter crowd at a festival. It is a rickety wooden roller coaster of a horror flick when compared to glossier horror flicks, those smooth metal behemoths at high falutin theme parks. It is held together with chewing gum, duct tape and a commitment to the craft of making a movie, really ‘making’ a movie. At seventy-five minutes it all happens at breakneck speed and will likely leave you with more questions than answers, even a bit of whiplash, but it is a hell of a ride.“ - Screen Anarchy

„The film’s visualization enhances the viewing experience. From special effects to costumes, there is nothing dull about PussyCake. The makeup, gore-fx, and few instances of CGI are high-quality and create a sense of realism in genuinely frightening and unsettling scenes. We can completely immerse ourselves in the action, increasing the widespread suspense. The film is disturbing in the best way possible. It is hard to watch but also hard to look away from.“ - Slay away with us

„Pussycake is a next-generation Evil Dead movie, employing slithering parasites as its possessors and creating a super visceral experience. Soaked with blood, guts, and gallons of mouth-to-mouth vomit, it’s a lot of fun if you’re okay to turn off your mind and enjoy a manically chaotic and disgusting horror experience that toes the line between stomach-churning and hilarious. This is the kind of midnight horror film that will absolutely obtain cult status upon its release.“ - Horror Obsessive

BARS 2021, NIFFF 2022, Frightfest 2022, Sitges 2022

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